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Little patriot jewish girl standing  and enjoying with the flag of Israel on blue sky back

We stand with Israeli Small Businesses

YOU can make a difference.

Israeli Small businesses are directly impacted by the war.

YOU can support Israeli freelancers, small businesses, startups and unicorns by choosing them to provide the services/products you need.

About the initiative

Shortly after the war broke, I started compiling a list of small Israeli businesses who will need support from you.


I received a lot of concerned messages from single mums, concerned mums with kids called up who need to provide them expensive gear and supplies, whose business is closed because of the war and are not getting any income.

If you need one of the services or products, please reach out and give the business to an Israeli business.

We encourage some of the smaller businesses to offer a "Help us continue" low cost product to act as a donation even though it doesn't have the tax status of a donation. If you do not need the service or prduct of a business but want to support them, you can buy this specific item. 

We should all receive good news.





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