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Somewhere out there, a solopreneur is working ‘til 1AM. (That you?)

Life as a solopreneur can be hard and lonely — even if you have a plus-one to help you with the admin tasks. We get you: not enough time, far too many unorganized tasks and no idea which systems could help you.

The good news? There’s a solution out there to help you get your business organized and automated (and let you go on vacay).

The System Strategic Planning

3,100 NIS (includes VAT)

  • The Solopreneur Audit Questionnaire

  • 2x 90-minute Zoom Review session

  • Recommendation and Implementation plan

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Implementation of the System Recommendations

Custom price

  • I do the heavy lifting of setting up the systems

  • I train you on what you need to know (but not more)

(Favorite) Project Management Set-up ONLY

3,100 NIS (includes VAT)

  • I gather your requirements - 2 hours Zoom session: You talk, I listen

  • I create the framework in the tool that fits your needs (Clickup,, Asana, Airtable or Notion): I do the work, you play Frisbee.

  • I train you on the tool until you’re comfortable using it - two 90-minute Zoom sessions with one round of revisions on the setup and a process manual

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Pick My Brain

800 NIS (includes VAT)

  • 90-minute power session

  • Suitable for launching phase where you need to gather info without spending hours on research

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01. Book a Free Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your needs and see if we’re a good match

02. Choose your Service

Decide which service is best for you.

03. We Meet on Zoom

You’ll discover my endearing French accent

04. Take it Away

I send your solution built and ready to be used. And I’ll train you in on every detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Get Started

Start your journey towards automation and an organized business. (It’s exciting, liberating and even fun!)

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