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Optimize your organization? Yes please.

As an established business, you’ve got multiple teams with multiple players. And that’s awesome. The problem? Your systems don’t play so nicely with each other and in fact, your whole organization could use a good process-cleaning operation to cut duplicate work and inspire your team with meaningful work.

The System Strategic Planning

Starts at 9,500 NIS + includes VAT

  • The Small Business Audit Questionnaire

  • Up to 5 one-hour Zoom sessions as needed

  • The Recommendation and Implementation plan

  • Map of the current and recommended processes

  • Full Demo Mockup build of proposed solution

  • Optional add-on: In-office day for intake or training

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Any Implementation service requires a prior Audit

  • CRM 

  • Project Management

  • Customer Journey optimization

  • Automation & Integration using Make & Zapier

  • All-in-one custom no-code solution on Airtable

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Monthly retainer - Fractional COO

Starts at a monthly cost of 3,500 NIS - minimum 6 months.

  • Weekly meeting

  • Operations |Management covering:

    • Audit of systems

    • Strategic System Planning

    • Implementation

    • Process optimization

    • Team management

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01. Book a Free Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your needs and see if we’re a good match

02. Choose your Service

Decide which service is best for you.

03. Meet with me on Zoom

We meet on Zoom so I can gather the info I need to create the perfect solution

04. Take it Away

Get your solution delivered to you with the Implementation package. I send you the ready-to-be-used solution and train you on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m totally not tech-savvy. Can you still help me?
    Yes! Even if tech is not your forte, we can help you. We do all the heavy lifting (a.k.a. research) to find and choose systems that match your level of comfort.
  • How will I know what service I need?
    We’ll get through that during the free discovery call.
  • I’m just launching my business. Is it too early to work with you?
    The System Strategic Plan is perfect for launching businesses! It’ll set you up right, straight out of the gate.
  • My business is evolving. What will happen with my systems six months from now?
    During the System Strategic Planning phase, I take into account your business development plans so we can prepare for any changes that will happen (corona excluded).
  • I want someone who will create the system for me, from start to finish.. Can you do that?
    Yes. We only recommend systems that we know how to implement, so you only need to learn about using them once they are ready.
  • How much time do you need from me?
    We need time with you on Zoom to understand your business (can’t make customized recommendations without that). From system strategic planning to training, be ready to set aside about 10 hours of your time across 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Is there a done-in-a-day option? I don’t want to spend weeks going back and forth.
    We provide solutions you’ll be using on a daily basis, and that require training in order to implement. That can’t be accomplished successfully in one day. Sure, the system will be up and ready in a short time but the training is a process.

Book a Call

I can’t wait to support you in finding more time in your day, more joy in your business and more peace in your mind. And it all begins today.

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