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process and automation agency


Get easy-to-run systems that put joy back in (your) business.

We create easy, efficient workflows and tech stacks that let solopreneurs and small business owners sit back, relax, and get back to business.

Ready to free up your time and get your brainspace back? Me too. 

The right software system is the difference between a business that’s a joy and a business that’s a migraine. 

We audit your system from the ground up, then design a solution that supports your processes — and is easy for you and your team to follow.

When you work with Smartbizops, you get gentle, strategic change management that moves at your pace. From audit to implementation and training, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Process Improvement services

Maximum results.
Zero overwhelm.

Clear, clean and documented processes

We’ll optimize your workflows so that they make sense, keeping what works and revamping tasks that suck your time and energy.

A tech stack that works for you

We find, implement and fully train you and your team on software that *really* supports your business.

Big-picture integration

We replace manual work with automation for every part of your business. The result is seamless integration for your business as a whole.

Targeted Training

We provide full, laser-focused training on the features you need for your business. No hogging precious headspace with information you won’t use.


A service for every stage of your business.

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I ride solo

You’re running a one (wo)man-show and the burden of doing EVERYTHING inefficiently is way too heavy. Let’s get some order and automation into your business to lighten that load and let you ride free.

consultation services

I’m scaling hard and fast

You’re growing at a fast clip. But the lack of processes and tools to coordinate it all is bogging you down. Let’s design an easy-to-follow solution that lets you grow, full speed ahead. 

strategy meeting

I’m on top of the mountain

You’re an established team within a bigger organization who knows there has to be a better way. Let’s optimize your processes with automation and SaaS that will kick your productivity into the stratosphere. 


"Working with Aliza has been a game changer for my business. She has set me up with a project management system that has completely streamlined the business operations and processes."

- Esti Wolo, Website Designer

aliza naon

Hi!! I’m Aliza. Process-nerd and tech-lover.

I'm a creative thinker and perfectionist who can't (and won’t) rest until she finds the BEST customized system for your business.

My journey to entrepreneurship began after over 10 years in the corporate world. The experience I gained in Project Management, Business Management and Process & Organization prepared me well so I can passionately support you today.

Since 2021, I’ve serviced more than 50 small business owners  across vastly different industries. The common theme? I help all my clients create and implement clean, efficient processes and day-to-day operations that give them more free time and better results — without the headaches. (Acamol anyone?)

Other fun stuff: I have a Master in Finance and a Bachelor in Business Management from the Sorbonne and a burning passion for learning new stuff (the more technical the better!)


We are fluent in

The golden resource for businesses who know they need tech help, but have no idea where to start.


Want to know the tech favorites software experts won’t share? Here you go.

Looking to improve your business’s systems but not ready for a full-blown audit? Searching for the perfect free tools to boost productivity and get your business in gear?
Grab our ultimate free guide to free tools.

(Because sometimes the best things in life do come free.)

consultant working on laptop

So are you ready to...

Put the joy back in your business? Revamp your system so it works for you? Run your business better, smarter, and faster?

So am I. Let’s do this.

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